At the final session of the Instill conference 2017, a wonderful group of young people, Gabe, Asher, Rebecca, Flo, Edie, Robin, and Leila spoke eloquently about thier experience of yoga, the reasons that had brought them to yoga, and the way it enriches their lives. The feedback we have received indicates that this was the most successful session of the whole day.

They had worked together to prepare the session themselves, and as a result of that process they realised they wanted to continue to work together to share their experiences and help promote yoga for young people. During the session at the conference they set out their vision for the incorporation of yoga in schools so that all young people can have access to the benefits of yoga as they have.

The group is called Team Bliss. Any young person who wishes to join is welcome to participate. You can find them on social media (Facebook and Instagram)


and they also have a webpage at

We look forward to working with Team Bliss to bring yoga to as many young people as we can.

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