Since 2003 Teen Yoga has been supported by Sport England, since they value the clear connection between yoga and physical activity, and the way yoga encourages young people, especially those not attracted to other sports, to move their bodies more and become fit and healthy in mind and body. To honour the transition from lethargy to activity that yoga promotes, we have been granted 5 spaces on the Bath Half Marathon 2018 for runners who wish to raise £500 each to support our work.

We are looking for people who would like to run for the Teen Yoga Foundation in the Bath Half on 4th March 2018


In addition to the work we do continuously, supporting the teen yoga community and promoting it in Parliament and other policy forums, this year we are focusing especially on collaboration with other charities who work respectively with homeless youth, at risk youth and those who have been excluded from schools. All this work needs support. There are over 20 people who work voluntarily for our charity, but we also need financial resources to carry on working. Please help us help those who can change the future of this country, one young person at a time.

Run for us at the Bath Half!


  1. Sign up for your place as an affiliated runner with the Teen Yoga Foundation and pay £45 entry fee – do this this week.
  2. Start training, with help from the training pack which we will send you.
  3. Start raising funds, which we will support you with.
  4. Come and stay with us outside of Bath on the day.
  5. Run the Bath Half!
  6. Feel fabulous!

Come on board, make a huge difference to your mind and body and to those who are yet to discover the connection between the two!

Our Bath Half runners also have the chance to attend Instill 2017 free.

Tickets to Instill can be booked here.

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